Monday, May 31, 2010

Really Big Rocks

So my Iowa adventure officially started when dad's plane left the ground.

Yesterday we had to take dad to the Omaha airport. It's really an inspiring place. My family decided that since some of us were going to Omaha, everyone should go! As in all my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. So we planned out a fun little day at the zoo. Dad was thrilled to be spending his last hours with ALL of the in-laws.

The best part was the aquarium. Hands down. I wish I were a fish. We were in that part where you like walk through the ocean and there are fish peacefully swimming all around you, not eating each other, oddly enough. Anyway, I'm up against the glass peering like a 5 year old when this little girl, probably 3, runs up and points and yells "Look at that big rock!" Rock. Kid. You are in an exhibit of the most unique creatures on the planet, and you notice a rock. You need to get off the farm.

My dad's plane left at 4:45. We skipped lunch so by the time his plane left and we were on the road home, we were famished. Seriously, kids do not handle hunger well. What am I saying, I don't handle hunger well. So after an hour of whining (from the kids) we decide we couldn't go another mile so we stopped at the nearest restaraunt. Which just so happens to be the WinnaVegas Casino buffet. N-A-S-T-Y. But we were starving, and when you're starving, everything tastes good!

Today we went to the Memorial Day service at the cemetery. It was very nice but there were lots of bugs, and lots of extended family. See in my family, we don't do "reunions" because nobody ever left, so every holiday is a reunion, even Memorial Day. All of the women were standing around after taps and my aunt made a bold announcement. "I would just like everyone to know, Brandy is promised." Thank you. Got to show off my ring :)

Then we went boating on the lake. Gotta say, not quite as warm and clear as Beaver, but not bad for a lake day in Iowa. You could even see your hand when your whole arm was submerged. And the water was 5.4 feet deep, not 54 feet deep. That took a little adjusting. You could even walk along the beach and not worrying about getting attacked by a snake! This is the life.

Then we came home and went dirtbiking and fourwheeling.

Apparently there will be 2 college boys and 2 old men hammering shingles into the roof above my bed bright and early tomorrow morning. Great. So I've decided to wake the munchkins up at 7:45 for a 3 mile run. Now that should be interesting.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Running faster than bugs can fly

Well roadtrip with dad was awesome! He talked the whole way! ;) Orrr maybe that was me, at any rate, we solved all the problems of the world in 8 hours.

We stopped in the sioux for the first time in 3 years. Umm weird. We pull up at a stoplight and at the same time we both go "this is weird." Its like as soon as you land on familiar soil, every memory that was ever made comes flooding over you like an unexpected blast of hot water. It was like we never left.

We went to Taco Johns in the mall! And then decided to stop by random haircutting places until we found my best friend. Thankfully she worked in the one right beside Taco Johns. Then dad decided we should cruise by our old house. As we're driving by, dad decides we should stop and say hi to our old friends. WHOA. Hold it right there mister. My dad wants to randomly drop in on old friends we havent seen in 3 years? Yes. That is correct. So we did and it was great.

Then we headed out to the farm. So far the first thing everyone has said to me is, "Lets see the don't take it off, its bad luck!" I don't need luck, I've got love.

The bugs are disgusting. Horrid. I have never in my 20 years of existance seen them this bad. But I figured out I can run faster than they can fly. Problem solved, I'll just run everywhere.

On our way into town this morning we were cruising along when all of a sudden. MEOW. "DAAAAAAD! I just heard a meow." So he pulls over, and we get out and sure enough, there's a kitten up under my wheel covering. Conveniently dad's hands are too big to reach up and pull it out. So I reach up there and snatch its little head and start twisting and yanking it. Finally I get it out and it's this little tiny kitty. I crank my hand back to chuck it into a cornfield (yeah yeah call peter or peta or peda or whatever the heck it is) but dad hollers "NOOOO we gotta take it back." Seriously, there are 40 where it came from. So we turn around and on the way back we hear more meowing. You have got to be kidding me. So I WOULD be setting up a kitten obstacle course for my fourwheeler, but Jack (my other boyfriend) counts each kitten everynight before he leaves. Kids.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


conway. sure feels good to be back. (even though ive only been gone a week),

yesterday we shopped til our feet fell off...butttt after 12 hours we found a new bed and dresser so now i have a piano, guitar, bed, and dresser in my new room. very exciting.

now im spending the week with my favorite family! should be fun!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


welll its summer. the summer ive been waiting for.

basically i wake up about 9, eat, get on facebook, and go for a run, then i come home watch wifeswap, then go to the gym with my sister. the end.

yet it is awesome and i cant wait to get up every morning and do it all again.

today i ran around the lake trail. about half way through i come around this corner and there are these 45yr old husband and wife walking towards me. they start talking but i cant hear because i'm jamming but i yank out one of my headphones just in time to hear "copperhead"

i looked confused so the man repeats himself "theres a copperhead on the trail up there"

i scream and turn to go the opposite direction. yelling back at them "im from the north! we only have garden snakes!"

if they hadnt stopped me..ohh boy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


andddd i made it! finals are over and it is now officially summer..and a dang long one at that. no more school until august 20th! but i can assure you come june i will be clawing my eyes out for some calculus. its like i cant function without using my brain

but first things first. go for a 7 mile run. since ive been sitting all week studying!

Monday, May 3, 2010


in approx 14 hrs i will be done with organic chemistry forever. well assuming i pass.

i studied for 12 straight hours today. i think i forgot how to walk.

i am hoping to make a 44. as in 44%.

my boyfriend is sick. and this time it is not my fault! he has a stomach virus and had to go to the ER at 2am. Naturally my phone was one silent all night and i missed all the commotion. i'm getting good at this girlfriend thing.

good news-only 2 more days.

bad news-im going crazy for ethan and its only been 24hrs since i last saw him. idk what i'm going to do this summer!!

On an exciting note.

I love his mom. Seriously. I've always wanted to date a boy who had a mom that was super nice and really easy to talk to. We went on a family camping trip with his whole family this weekend and his mom and i sat in bed talking until 1:30am! Which is crazy for me because i'll kick ethan out at 10pm so i can go to bed. I dont know what it is, but there is just something about this family. i wish ethan was like a decatuplet. so i could hook him up with nine of my closest friends, because i honestly dont think it can get better than this.