Friday, January 28, 2011

Love love love love

blahhhblahhhblahhhh. blog. I am most in the mood to blog after a good run. Outside. Probably because running makes me forget about all the bad things in life and focus on nature, God, Ethan, my family. And that puts me in the mood to write!

So, I no longer work at that *wonderful* place, Visioncare. Praise the LORD! I have found myself happier, relaxed, and friendlier. Mom is right, you have the rest of your life to hate your job, so save it for when you're older.
I got an internship at Acxiom!! WOOHOO! That means, my future (job wise outside of college) is looking bright. And we will be able to stay in this fantastic little town for as long as we want!

I am convinced that all good relationships have some element of argument to them. Especially at the start. Don't get me wrong, Ethan is perfect. He is right 98% of the time. He is completely trustworthy and most importantly, he is my best friend. Sometimes, we'll be doing things like riding our bikes to get ice cream, laughing the whole way, and its hits me, "Ethan is my best friend! OHHH and I get to be with him forever!!!" SO COOL, marrying your best friend that is.

And sometimes he is just plain difficult. I would say 1.5% of the time, that is. We'll be working on our math homework together and we'll come up with different answers. Now, I know I said he is right 98% of the time, but come on! I'm the math major here. It'll take 2 minutes of me beating him on the head with the textbook for him to realize that I am actually right.

There's a healthy balance. Difficulty 1.5% of the time, perfection 98.5%.

I always look back on the day at the airport. Difficult times, and perfect times. When we met in a crowd of 100 people all moving in the same direction. He threw his suitcase down on the floor, picked me up and hugged me like he never wanted to let go. And then my DAD got teary-eyed. Yes folks, that's how you know you've got the "one", when your dad gets teary-eyed watching you hug in reunion at an airport with 483092574 people around.

BAHH I just love Ethan so much and I can't wait to marry him in 5 months :)

I prommmise after we get married my blogs will be funny again, instead of sappy and mushy.

Until then......