Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wisdom = A Father

So I haven't blogged in a month, probably because I forgot what the URL to this site is ha :) and I usually get on facebook on my touch now and the link on my facebook doesn't show up on my touch.

Yes, getting locked IN the bathroom and forgetting the URL to my own site, one more strike and I'm out.

The wisest man to have ever lived once said

"There will be people in life that don't like you because you remind them of their third grade teacher, and there's nothing you can do about it."

He also said
"Don't ride your brakes too hard"
"Always look twice before turning left across 2 lanes of traffic"
"You need some music appreciation, here's a Lynyrd Skynyrd cd"

I am so glad I listened to that first thing he said. Because there really will be people in life that just don't like you.

He probably followed it with something like "you can't be controlled by what other people think about you, you can't be affected by what people say, if someone doesn't like you that's too bad for them" but I tuned out after the first part :)

Moral of the story, Dad's are wise. They will say things to you that don't seem a bit relevent at the moment, and 5 years later you'll be wishing you had taken notes.

The best thing about Ethan, he is so much like Dad! I swear they've knew each other before.

My dad always used to quote random things at random moments like:

"Kiss me like you've never kissed me before"
"Something something to fight in the Kumatay and make my father proud"
"You're the cheese!"
and a zillion more...

The other day Ethan and I were sitting in the library studying, when not even looking at me Ethan goes "Kiss me like youve never kissed me before" I almost peed my pants!! I think they have secret meetings where they come up with silly quotes.

I've always wanted to grow up and marry someone just exactly like my dad, but I didn't think that would ever be even remotely possible. But Ethan is! Well maybe not exactly, my dad has a little bit longer attention span and never acts immaturely (my mother might disagree).

But I can already tell Ethan is going to be the kind of dad that gently brushes his 4 year old daughter's wet hair when she gets out of the tub (goodness knows our kids are going to have some good hair) and know exactly what to say when boys break her heart and get teary eyed whenever she leaves for college, everytime she comes home.

It's perfect, perfect for me. If I'm half as awesome a mom as my mom and he's half an awesome a dad as my dad, we might go down in history books as the best parents ever.

But we're not having kids for a good 5 years.

I brag on my parents so much, Ethan has a pretty awesome set of parents as well. That's why we're never moving out of state (knock on wood).