Thursday, April 29, 2010

Watermelon Days

well the week before finals week is finally over. talk about worst week ever. its been so stressful i havent even been hungry!! and that my friends, is saying something

just when you feel like dying. you have 5 two hour tests ahead of you. but next week at this time it will all be over.

i live for summer.

seriously, without summer, there would be no point in living.

My summers always consist of:

the lake
late night runs
and lots of ice cream.

Not to mention

Watermelon Days
my birthday
waking up early to watch I Love Lucy
and volunteering.

The best part of the summer is Watermelon Days. Its this crappy little carnival that always comes to our town. But it is the HIGHLIGHT of the summer, if you live in the 50 mile radius. Its called Watermelon Days because the local grocery store (20miles away) gives out free watermelon. Makes more sense to call it Corn Days but whatever.
Basically theres 5 little kid rides and 3 grown up rides, including the Octopus, Tilt-a-Whirl, and some swingy thing.
I used to ride the Octopus 8 or 9 times in a row, then get so sick I couldn't go to church the next morning.
There are also a ton of games that are impossible to win.
I remember dad sneaking me and my cousin money. We'd run off and literally win maybe a ping pong paddle off of $20 or $40. One year bryce won a pink stuffed animal flower. He immediately gave it to me. Best summer of my life.
Every year towards the end my Papa will find me and ask which ride I want to go on, and he'll ride with me. He may be old, but he is young at heart. Last year it was the Tilt-a-Whirl. We both got sick. Imagine a grampa riding a Tilt-a-Whirl with his granddaughter! Now that's love.
The very best part is the end. Right at the entrance (the end of the street) my good friend's grandparents have a homemade ice cream stand. One cup for one dollar. THE best ice cream you will ever eat. Trust me I know my ice creams.

And that's the end. The highlight of the summer. June 25-26.

It's better than Disney World, folks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Commotional Bike Riding

alright, i'm going to paint a little picture here, you do your best to follow along.

it was a sunny sunday afternoon (yesterday to be exact). The bf and I decided to go on a bike ride with his awesome mom and little brother. We arranged to meet them at Salem Trail at 4:45. We decided to bike to Salem instead of drive our bikes over there.

We were cruising down UCA campus, right in front of Laney (Chemistry building a.k.a. my second home) when Ethan decides to jump the curb.

This curb is like 90degrees, its square not rounded, and about 6 inches off the ground. Remember that.

There is one person, and I mean one lone individual walking outside on UCA campus on this Sunday afternoon. Everyone else is playing softball, watching tv, grilling out, or just living their life. This dude is walking. Remember that.

Back to the curb jump. Being the trouper girlfriend that I am, instead of riding all the way around to where the sidewalk dips down to let wheeled machines up, I decide to follow suit.

Well apparently I never learned how to jump a curb. So instead of hitting it head on like you're supposed to I kind of angled it hoping to gradually transfer my bike to the sidewalk. Yeah well that didn't work.

My bike did this weird thing where it tipped and the front tire spun completely around and I went soaring through the air.

Remember the lone walker? Yeah, landed on my face right at his feet.

Seriously, my left cheek, left shoulder, left & right hands, and left and right knees are all dinged up.

The walker freaked out a little bit because he thought I was attacking him. No buddy, just never learned how to ride a bike.

My wonderful boyfriend hears the commotion from up ahead, drops his bike on the ground and comes running back. Aww what a sweet boyfriend. Then he goes, "You SUCK at riding bikes." Yeah, thanks.. as if I'm not completely mortified already.

Ethan laughed at me for the rest of our ride.

I would say it was the worst wipe out I've had in 20 years. On a bike at least.

In other news..

I got the optometry job!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Slog Dump

organic chemistry 2.

like a sequel to the horror "Organic Chemistry 1". On thursday, we took the hardest test i have ever taken in my life. seriously. normally i dont really know whats going on, but i can look at the question and use my writing skills to formulate something relevant and end up getting credit for it. but this. i could've taken the test blindfolded and had the same shot at the right answers as i did with perfect vision and a brain.

needless to say, i ran about 7 miles immediately following that one.

all of my friends got into pharm school! i pretty much expected them to, but it's still exciting!!

and i think my phone has a virus again.

Note to self: when a number like 425 625 texts you something in Spanish, that isn't even grammatically correct, dont reply. or you will get a little devil that runs by the name "Slog Dump" on your phone. and he is sneaky. when you think he's left you alone is exactly when he attacks.

i guess its about time for a new phone.

off to salem...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


life. what to do.

iowa. is ahmayzing, my favorite place in the whole wide world. spending the summer there. wonderful. sunshine, fourwheelers and family. nothing could be better.

except maybe.

getting a job offer from and optometrist. cool. optometry is still an option in my life. after i get my degrees. no sunshine in the office, but it looks good on resumes and i could stay here.


being an RA. would be pretty swell. room and board would be paid. and i wouldnt have to worry about living near people i dont like.


my lifelong dream of being like indiana jones becoming a reality. and getting credit for it. um cool.

but what about.

bentonville. lake, family, boat. waterskiing. waterskiing. waterskiing.

if summer in iowa exists, the optometry job can't. if the RA job exists, the optometry can't. the RA job and the summer in iowa can coexist. the waterskiing and the summer in iowa can't coexist. if i become indiana jones then i can't have an optometry job. also, indianajones as an RA would be very interesting.

and life goes on.

so basically. do i want to be tan and waterski? or do i want to be tan and ride fourwheelers, dirt bikes, and spend every afternoon at the pool? golly life is stressful.

on an awesome note.


im not even just saying that. seriously she is the most interesting human i have ever met in my whole life. she's from memphis, like ghetto memphis and her brothers are bloods and crypts and she was in the marines. she stays at a hotel everytime she goes home its that bad.

hi im brandy i grew up with a pretty dog and a white picket fence. my dad is super successful and my biggest stress is WHERE to spend my summer getting tan.

(eyeroll). ;-)

she told me i could go home with her one weekend if i want.


there are guns laying around her house. seriously.

sure. my dad would prolly not approve. but hey. you gotta learn about life somewhere right?


Friday, April 9, 2010

A Love Story

Sometimes Ethan drives me up the wall.. Like right now for example, he is asleep on my floor while I am in the middle of trying to tell him VERY important things.

But I still love him.

And I've been wanting to blog about it for awhile. I usually include a little story about him in every blog, but this one is all about him.

Amazingly enough I'm still able to type this even though I want to step on his little sleeping toes right now. Must be love.

I met Ethan..well let's see, I knew of him last year, but I didnt actually meet him until August 27th.

My awesome old roommate Carlene wanted to go for a bike ride. However, neither of us had bikes. So she decided to borrow our suitemates bike, which left me bikeless and desperate. Little did I know.

So I walked down the hall hoping to maybe run into someone who might have a bike handy, low and behold, my friend Kayla told me of a boy named Ethan who had a bike. A few minutes later I was knocking on his door. He flung it open and looked at me kind of like "Holy smokes what just walked into my life." Little did he know.

So after about 15 minutes of him explaining how janky his bike was I finally got him to give me the combination and where it was located. Then after the ride I parked it where I found it and told him it was safe and sound..The End. Or at least that's what I thought.

We became friends on facebook and I didn't hear from him for like a month after that.

Our dorm went on a Memphis trip. I didn't think it sounded enjoyable by any means but he asked if I wanted to go so naturally I changed my mind to "This sounds like the funnest thing ever!". The money was due at noon and I turned mine in at 11:59, literally. The lady who took my money said. "You're just in time, it must be meant to be." Little did she know.

So then we started eating lunch together and riding our bikes together (yeah I had to go ahead and get my own) and then one day..he pretended to be an ant in Walmart. Yep and that was it. I was like "this guy is too weird for me I'm done." But some good people talked some good sense into me and I realized he was everything I ever wanted in a guy. So I decided to give him another shot and about a month later (11/11 to be exact) we became facebook official. And we all know, nothing is official until it's facebook official.

Sunday we'll celebrate 5 months of laughing, music, church, biking, fishing, working out, eating ice cream and double doozies, hiking, Oretha, chemistry homework, building forts, blueberries, a little bit of quarreling, and a whole lotta love. And I hope there's 50 more years of the exact same thing, except maybe some kids and grandkids sprinkled in there.

So to everyone who's single-keep your head up, you never know just when your whole life is going to turn around. And when someone invites you on a bike ride, go for it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dating Carbon

so exciting news! as a chem major i have to do some research before i graduate. one of the profs here does radioactive decay and 13, 14 carbon dating on old like hieroglyphs and cave paintings to determine hold old they are. umm hello?? is that not the coolest thing you've ever heard? its so indiana jones, right up my alley. i think i am definitely going to sign up with her.

ethan is jealous that i am going to be 'dating carbon' haha, we are such nerds. but seriously i love that guy. last night he took me to the new china buffet! and it wasnt as impressive as i thought it would be, but he said it was just because it was late and the food was cold. AND i almosttt convinced him to buy me some fish last night!! but he was sore from our 3 mile run. or my 3 mile run, his chat-with-old-black-lady-while-walking-1-and-a-half.

pretty much, he's perfect, wonderful, amazing, and the best boyfriend ever

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marry Me

for some reason i still havent fully figured out how to use this site. which is embarassing considering i'm my father's daughter. but i am kind of getting the hang of it and i have internet again! so i wont be completely isolated in my dungeon doing chemistry problems.

its almost time to register for classes again! seriously, i love school. i want to be in school forever. i talked to the chair of the chem dept today regarding classes and he told me i should consider teaching at a college level.. psshhh. this guy only looked at my grades, he doesn't know that i am not always a mad scientist. i like to run and be outside and buy stuff and eat ice cream. and laugh. and i would rather talk about dumb things than intellectual things oh and i believe in Intelligent Design many college profs do you know that do all that? plus i didn't let him on to my biggest secret...i love MATH! i only do chemistry because it makes sense in my brain. my heart and soul belong in the math dept.

soo now i'm thinking about double majoring..chemistry so that i can get a job, math because i love it.

on the less nerdy side.

i have THE BEST boyfriend in the whole world. seriously, he isnt even sitting beside me making me type this. and i love his family. like a lot. sometimes whenever i'm around them i forget i'm there because of Ethan, they just make me feel like family! i'm counting on being in that family no matter what. if Ethan doesn't marry me, his little brother already asked me, so my spot in the fam seems to be pretty secure..

we went fishing on Easter, on our way out to the house. His little brother rode with us. When we got in the car he grabbed my hand and said, "Brandy! Now we just have to get rid of Ethan!" haha! i love kids