Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Slow Down Sister

Kindle or itouch? that was the question these past few weeks.

For those of you who are not familiar with the latest electronic devices. A kindle is basically an electronic book. Forget pages and sparkly bookmarks, now you can hold hundreds of books on a small square block of technology.

An itouch is an ipod on steroids. It can surf the web make phone calls, send text messages download hundreds of apps.

So you're thinking, why in the world would you pick a kindle over a touch, right?

Exactly. I picked the touch. Ya know the first thing I did? Downloaded the kindle app. So now I have a kindle on my touch.

This whole idea sparked from me wanting an iPhone and Ethan doing whatever possible to keep me from getting one, since he's going to be the one paying the bill in 8 months.

One thing I've noticed since we got engaged. Oh, have I even mentioned that yet?
WE GOT ENGAGED! On Sept. 12, so almost a month ago! I hope the next 8 months go by that fast.

Anyway, one thing I've noticed is that my dad has gotten a whole lot more supportive of my crazy ideas. I'll mention something to him and he'll be like "Oh yeah sure that sounds wonderful, might wanna take it up with your fiance." So then Ethan looks like the meanie, ha yeah my dad is clever clever.

I'm so excited to be going home this weekend!!! My parents haven't even seen my ring yet!! Or my touch, but that will be overshadowed by their new iPad. touch smouch as my dad says :( at least Ethan was excited!

Something I don't give enough acknowledgement to is my awesome friends. First of all my roommate is really really cool, if you don't know her, you should. She is like interior designer/baker/sporty/trendy/OT student, she's the real deal. I came in tonight and she had made PUMPKIN cookies! Hello!!! Pumpkin might be my favorite thing in the whole world! But that's like a weekly regular for her, there's always interesting breads and muffins in our kitchen. I hope I catch on to some of her ways before I get married!

Now, my parents might be the best people to go to for advice on anything. Really, it seems like they've got it all figured out. Statistically if Ethan and I turn out half as well as them, we'll be doing twice as well as most Americans, relationship-ically if we turn out a quarter as well as them, we'll be doing better than 9 out of 10 relationships all over the world. Those are actual mathematically based statistics in case you were wondering. Therefore, it is safe for me to go to them for advice on everything.

However, there is one other person I/Ethan and I owe a lot to. And that is our good friend Andrew. I think we both go to him for advice fairly often. He's a good guy, and definitely doesn't get enough credit for it. If you ever need advice, just go hang out at a WalMart cart corral, he'll eventually find you.

But the best thing that happened to me this week was: I finally realized I'm still running a race that I won over a year ago. Slow down sister. So now, instead of focusing on a race that's finished, I'm going to start wearing around my shiny metal. :)