Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From the Bride's Eyes

My version of the big day.

I feel like I remember more than what people said I would, maybe because we (Mom and I) didn't have the stress of planning and coordinating the whole thing.

I'm going to start just after the fabulous rehearsal dinner that took place at Ethan's Aunt Mary's house. (Just wanted to say: it was the BEST rehearsal dinner I have ever ever been to, so fun and relaxing, not to mention great food!)

Mom and Dad decided it would be best if only us four stayed at our house on Friday night. I can't remember if I've blogged about this yet or not, but when they first told us they didn't want anyone to stay that night I didn't really understand. The more people, the less tears!! But as we were riding back from Ethan's Aunt Mary's house it all made sense, we needed one last night of family time! We all sat on the couches before bed talking just like I was back in high school. It was very special. :) And it was nice to be able to get into the bathroom whenever I wanted and not having to worry about tripping over suitcases.

I can't believe I slept a wink that night!! I was so stressed out about not being able to sleep! But I did, and well, I didn't even have to play opossum until someone came in and woke me up. :)

Dad woke me up with a sweet hug and a prickly moustache-y kiss on the top of my head. Then he made my favorite breakfast and we went to the Farmer's Market together, just like a regular Saturday. He bought me some kettle corn and two HUGE sunflowers! Honestly though, the Farmer's Market isn't all that great, the booths are pretty much the same every weekend and we don't even stop at but one booth. I think it's more just being together, and the fact that we solve all of my world's problems in the truck on the way there.

Now, I'm not really sure where all of my family was doing that morning, probably exploring, getting hair done, things of that nature; but it was just me and my dad pretty much all morning. When we got home from the Farmer's Market we talked and talked (mostly about secret Father-Daughter things, you know...money ;) ...just kidding). Then he made me lunch, tomato soup and grilled cheese, my favorite! :) Then I looked up at the clock and realized it was time to snap out of DadandBrandy land and get ready for this wedding. I slurped the soup and left for the hair appointment. Oh the hair appointment.

I grabbed my best friend Megan before the appointment, so she can attest to all of this. I had the practice hair run the week before and loveddd it! But for some reason the hairdresser was having an off day. It was very obvious she was having a hard time getting my hair to do what she wanted so it ended up being totally different than what we practiced.

There's a shot of it. But I figured "as long as I'm married to Ethan at the end of the day, nothing else matters."

The best part was, she told me she would do my makeup for free (which ended up being a lie). She asked if I wanted natural or something a LITTLE more exciting. I picked a LITTLE more exciting... We were on entirely different wavelengths. I panicked, as soon as I got out of the salon that is, and raced to Colonial Courts. My appointment was at 12 and I had to be at the place by 1:30 so I had no time to go home and redo anything. Thankfully when I got there my best friend Beka toned down the excitement that was all over my face. We pretty much wiped it all off, added a tiny bit of purple eye shadow and went with it.

Then I requested that Ethan be locked in his dressing bedroom (rather than myself in mine) so that I could run around, check out the decorations, take pictures, eat animal crackers, talk with my family, and the like.

All of a sudden it was time to get the dress on and get ready for the "First Look" pictures. So my Mom helped me change and I wobbled down the steps and out to the ceremony area where Ethan was waiting at the far end of the aisle. I was so nervous, shakey, teary, and excited!
As soon as I saw Ethan my
nerves were calmed. He's good at that ya know? Having a level head. :)

I requested those haybails to be left for the ceremony, it reminded me so much of home.

Then we went all over the field area to get pictures, which I cannot wait to see! Our photographer was GREAT, Freedom Dreamer Photography for those of you in NWA. Also, for those of you in the Chicago area, my best friend Beka is also a talented photographer, Rebekah Pollock. Look them up.

After the pictures the guests began to arrive so I had to take cover until everyone was seated. Finally it was time to line up! Grandparents, bridesmaids/groomsmen, ringbearer/flower girl, and the criers--me and Dad. The caterer (Kruton's also NWA, check them out, delicious!) noticed and kindly came over and told me he'd hold the back door open if I wanted to run out. Of course, I did not, but it was a welcomed laugh. We blinked and we were at the door about to walk out to the aisle. Jeannie (our planner) said "You can go." We were both red nosed and watery eyed when Dad whispered "We can't go until we get it together." Without looking at him (because that would've caused the tears to come rushing) I said "Dad we're never going to get it together." And with that we walked out, but not before one tiny little tear slipped from my eye to the very tip of my nose. OK HOLD EVERYTHING. I'm not going to walk down the aisle with this obnoxious little tear clinging to the tip of my nose. Thankfully, Dad came prepared.
The ceremony was beautiful, I took everything Jim Bob said to heart. There was even a surprise in there. The letters from our parents/family, we had no idea about!! The unity sand was pretty funny though, Ethan is pretty slow in doing anything (just kidding love you baby!) so I'm not surprised that his sand took so much longer than mine. Perfect example of our personalities. :)

Then the reception, Oh it was so much fun!!

The food was fantastic! We had a fruit/snack table with a ranch fountain (NOT white chocolate) and a chocolate fountain. The only bad thing was my dress was so tight and I was so nervous (about things that would happen later in the night) I didn't get to eat very much! Nonetheless, it was beautiful and delicious. I did force myself to eat a piece of cake though. Since I had been looking forward to its deliciousness for months!

There's a shot of it. Harps did it, for some legal reason (???) they're not allowed to use real flowers.

When we cut the cake Ethan promised he wouldn't shove it in my face...But he didn't promise he wouldn't shove it all over my chest...So basically it was in my hair, eyelashes, on the front of my dress, everywhere. The worst part was, I had already put the cake in his mouth so I didn't get a chance for revenge!!

Then we had the garter/bouquet toss. The garter toss was hilarious, Ethan got all up under my dress, got the garter, inserted it into his mouth, then stood up and pretended like he didn't know what happened to it, after he had everyone convinced it was lost he yanked it out of his mouth. It was great. The coordinator (April) turned to me and said "WHAT A STUD!!" Haha. I was mortified. It was hilarious.

Then we danced, mingled, and ate ice cream. Before I knew it, people were leaving and I realized if we didn't go, we'd be blowing bubbles for ourselves while we ran out to the car.

We ran through the bubble line, got in the car, and drove away. I'll stop there, but I will tell you we stayed at Embassy that night... for those of you that were looking for our car in the parking lot the next morning.